Soal Ulangan Semester Satu

Tahun Pelajaran : 2007/2008

Mata pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

Kelas : 9

Hari / Tanggal :

Waktu : 120 menit

I. Berilah tanda silang (x) pada pilihan a, b, c atau d yang kamu anggap benar.

The text for number 1 to 5


Tomi : That potato was delicious. How do you make it ?

Tati : Oh, It is very easy. Do you want to write down?

Tomi : yes, I will .

Tati : Well you need about six cooked potatoes, two spring onions, a tablespoon of of fresh parsley, half a tablespoon of lemon rind, salt, pepper and paprika, and about a cup and a half mayonnaise.

Tomi : All right, then what do you ?

Tati : well, first cup up the potatoes, the spring onions and the parsley. Then put them and the lemon rind into a salad bowl, and add a little salt , pepper and paprika. After that, add the mayonnaise and stir it well.

Tomi : Is that all.

Tati : Yes, then cover it and put in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes.

1.The type of the text above is….

a. report b. dscriptive c. narrative d. procedure

2. What does Tomi think about potato salad

a. delicious b. tasteless c. sour d. salty

3. The material needed are mentioned by ….

a. Tomi`s friend b. Tati`s friend c. Tomi d. Tati

4. What is the last step of making potato salad?

a. adding a little salt c. putting in the refrigerator for 20 minutes

c. cutting up the potatoes d. adding the mayonnaise

5. The goal of the text is ….

a. preparing potatoes salad c. eating potatoes salad

b. cutting up potatoes d. buying potatoes salad


6. Where do you probably find this notice?

a. in the bus b. in the classroom c. in the yard d. in the field


7. Where do you most likely find this notice?

a. in the bus stop b. in the railway station c. in the petrol station d. in the bus stop

Dear Rita,

I`d like you to have lunch at 1.00with me at ABG Restaurant. Please come in time. Don`t be late


8. From the text above we know that they will come to ABG restaurant …

a. In the morning b. in the afternoon c. in the evening d. at night

9. “ Please come in time”

It means that you have to come ….

a. punctually b. early c. late d. slowly

Text for number 10—14


Fish are animals that live in water.

Fish have fins that help them to swim. Most fish have slimy skins covered with scales which are very small and can hardly be seen.

Fish breathe through gills. These look like a comb and lie on each side of the head. Fish take in water all the time. The water flows in through the mouth, over the gills, and out through the sides of the head. When a fish takes in water, it is not drinking but breathing, and the gills absorb oxygen from the water.

The body of a fish is made up of the head , the trunk, and the tail fins.

There are many different kinds of fish which have many different shapes and color. Some fish are long and thin, while others are flat and rounded. Most fish have bodies which are broad at the trunk region and narrow towards the head and tail

10. These in the text refers to ….

a. skins b. fish c. fins d. gills

11. What is `general classification` of the text ?

a. Fish are animal that live in the water c. Fish breathe through gills.

c. The body of a fish consist of the head, trunk, the tail fins. d. There are many kinds of fish.

12. What are the differences of fish?

a. Their lives and food c. Their sizes and lengths

b. Their shapes and colors d. Their head and mouths

13. What is fish doing when it takes in water.?

a. drinking b. breathing c. eating d. sinking

14. Which part of fish does help to swim?

a. head b. trunk c fins d. gills

15. Anto and Arif are planning their tour

Anto : Well, what about the bus?

Arif : Don`t worry. There will be a lot of buses to rent.

Anto : ….. because it`s a publick holiday

Arif : That`s right. Let`s order bus first.

a. How many will there be? c. It`s going to be OK.

b. Everything will be the problem d. I`m a little doubtful.

16. A : Are you sure Amin can operate the computer?

B : Of course. He has been practicing for week

a. certainty b. agreement c. uncertainty d. disagreement

17. A : The doctor hasn`t come yet. He always comes on time.

B : He … trapped in the traffic jam.

a. must be b. certainly c. may be d. will be

18 “…”! The teacher is coming. She is going to be angry if we make noise.

a. Keep silent b. Be patient c. Be careful d. Don`t be noisy

19. Which one is correct ?

a. What the city crowded ! c. How crowded the city is.

b. What crowded city ! d. How crowded is it

20. Ali : Where do you live ?

Doni : …..

Ali : Where do you live ?

Doni : Oh, I live on Jln Merpati no 5 Purwokerto

a. Really b. Pardon me c. Thanks d. See you

21. A. : What can we do ? There is a disaster.

B : …..

A. : Ok, I will do that.

a. Tell your friends to be careful b. Bye-bye c. Thank you d. Really

Purwokerto Fair

Everyone can join this fair to promote village product

Come and join us

22. A : What does it the advertisement mean ?

B : ….

A : Oh, I see

a. Calm down c. Promote the product from your village

c. Sell everything you have d. I don`t know

23. Students : where will we study Pak Sapto?

Pak Sapto : …………….

Students, Sure, I will

a. Thank you

b. Announce to your friends in the class to go to Lab Computer.

c. Really

d. Be careful to go Lab Computer

24. Ani : Rit, Please tell me how to make iced tea?

Rita : ….

a. Iced tea is tea with ice

b. Ice tea is a kind of fresh tea

c. First prepare ice, tea water, sugar, a glass

Next pour the tea water into the glass

Then Put sugar in in

Finally put ice into it and stir them well

d. Every one like iced tea, moreover in hot weather

25. Rani : Linda Please explain to me about mendoan

Linda : ….

a. Mendoan is a kind of cuisine from Purwokerto

To cook mendoan you need tempeh, dough, frying oil.

b. First Prepare dough, tempeh, friying oil, a pan

Then mix dough, put tempen in it.

Next heat stove, fry tempeh and dough

Finally you can serve with chilly sauce

c. It is very good question

d. Last night I bough them

To Santoso

Please …(26). me via telephone at home when you …..(27) at home.

26. say b. wait c. cry d. call

27. stop b. arrive c. start d. are

28. there is— Where – a way – a will – there is

1 2 3 4 5

The correct arrangement of the words to

make a sentence is….

a. 2 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 4 b. 1- 2 –4—5—3 c. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 d. 2—5—4—1–3

…(29)… Birthday to you, Viona

Be smart girl !

May …(30).. bless you !



29. a. Happy b. Excellent c. Greet d. Congratulation

30. a. father b. teacher c. God d. Other

How to clean our teeth

  1. rinse your mouth
  2. get your tooth brush
  3. put toothpaste on your toothbrush
  4. brush your teeth

31. The correct arrangement of the sentence to

make a paragraph is….

a. 1—2—3—4 b. 2—3—4 –1 c. 2—4–3–1 d. 4–3—2–1

Here some … (32) on how to be successful English learner. First, don`t be …(33) of making mistakes. Second, use every opportunity to practice your English. At last, be an Optimistic person

32. a. tips b. clues c. plans d. rules

33. a. afraid b clues c. brave d. shy

  1. Put noodles into 2 glasses of briskly boiling water
  2. Your delicious noodles are ready to be served.
  3. Put seasoning vegetables oil and chilly powder in a bowl

  1. Mix the noodles well with all the seasoning
  2. Cook the noodles and simmer for 3 minutes.

34.The right paragraph is :

a. 4—3—5—1—2 c. 3 – 5—1—4—2

b. 2—1—5—3—4 d. 1—5—3—4—2

Florence nightingale was a very famous English nurse. She …(35)..born on May 12,1820 she was well known because of …(36) dedicate to the care of war victims.

Actually, she was from rich family. Her parents wanted her to …(37) `high class` people…,(38)did some honored job such as doctor, engineer…(39) something else.

35. a Is b Was c. Has been d. Had been

36. a. Her b. His c. Its d. Their

37. a. Becomes c. Become

b. Became d. Becoming

38. a. or b. but c. and d. because

39. a. because b. but c. although d. or

1. The destruction of the forest requires serious attention

2. The smoke from the fire has endangered people

3. But none is effective

4. Not only people of Indonesia but also those from neighbor countries

5. Forest Fires have been a big problem in Indonesia for many years.

6. Many effort have been carried out to solve the problem.

40. The right paragraph Is ….

a. 5 – 4 – 3 –2 –6—1 c. 5 –1 – 3—2—6- 4

b. 5—1—4—2—6—3 d. 5 – 1—2 –4—6–3

II. Answer the questions below


Come and join us in sport match!

We have finished our test, so It is time for us to hold some sport matches.

The matches are :




Times :

Wednesday to Saturday

At 2.00 p.m – 5.00 p.m

If you are interested, please register your team/ your name as soon as possible to OSIS office. Those who win the games will get free ticket of Agnes Monica concert and some money.

Good luck

The committee

  1. What is announcement is it ?
  2. The word `we`in the second paragraph refer to ….
  3. Will the winner get certificate?
  4. When can they have sport mathes

  1. X : Excuse me, can you show me the nearest store?

Y : ….

X : can you show me the nearest store?

Y : It is near Rajawali Theater

  1. X : ….. That we can take the final exam now ?

Y : I am not sure I haven`t asked my teacher

7 X : Look, I got the best score

Y : …. You were the lowest in the class

8. Paragraph one in report text contains ( berisi ) ……

9. Mention (sebutkan) 3 of the generic structure ( kerangka )of procedure text .

10. a veil – Moslem – woman – Every – wears.

The right sentence above is ….

III. Please answer this question.

Watch Out

1. What does it mean of the text above?

2. Rearrange these sentence to make a right procedure text

Planting a tree

————- dig a hole in the ground

————– plant the seedling in the ground.

————– buy seeding from a nursery

————– find a suitable spot of soft earth in the garden

————– add fertilizer and water to help the palnt grow

3. Make an announcement from the chairman to the students 9A about :

– there is a classical meeting for students 9A to gather in the class after class today

4. Make a short dialogue by using expression of responding the good news.

5. What will you do if you have final exam ?

Kunci Jawaban

I. 1.D 11.A 21.A 31. B

2.A 12.B 22.C 32.A

3.D 13.B 23.B 33.A

4.C 14.C 24.C 34.D

5.A 15.D 25.B 35.B

6.B 16.A 26.D 36.A

7.C 17.A 27.B 37.C

8.B 18.D 28.D 38.C

9.A 19.C 29.A 39.D

10.D 20.B 30.C 40.D

II.1. Sport Match

2. The committee

3. No. They won`t

4. Wenesday to Saturday

at 2.00 p.m — 5.00 p.m

5. Sorry / Excuse me/ pardon me/ I beg your pardon

6. Are you sure

7. Really / Are you kidding / are you joking/ What

8. Classification

9 . Goal, Ingredients / Materials, Steps/ Method

10. Every moslem women wears a veil.



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