The Potential business of Banyumas Regency


All about the products of Banyumas Regency


Banyumas Regency belongs to Central Java. It is located on the slope of mount Slamet. It has a lot collection of traditional customs and also tourism resorts there. There are also a lot of products from Banyumas Regency. Of course those products become the potential business in there, for example Batik. The famous batiks come from Sokaraja, Banyumas and Baturaden. The batiks from different villages have different style and design. Though its village has different design, but most of the batiks have similar procedure to make it. Do you want to know how to make batik? Here some explanation about it.

How to make batik?

The ingredients : – The plain clothes (the clothes without any design. It can be in one color or a lot of color / colorful)

  • Some patterns (depend of the interest style)

  • The special candles, it can be called `malam`

The process : – First, the clothes are drown in the provided pattern, using candles.

  • Then, the clothes are given color

  • Next, the clothes are stewed

  • After that, they are lied to be cleaned from that candles

  • In few minutes, they are washed

  • Later, they are rinsed

  • Finally, they are dried. Batiks are ready to be packed, to be sold.


Besides batiks, Banyumas Regency also has cuisine like `Gethuk Sokaraja`. If you are traveling to Purwokerto, your vehicles can stop in Sokaraja. You can find a lot store which sell `Gethuk`. The most famous and delicious one is sold in the stores of “Gethuk Sokaraja Asli”. They are sold by family of Haji Tohirin and Sanpirngad. According to them the income of selling the product gets better and better, time by time. So the life style of people around Sokaraja also gets better. Do you want to know how to cook, too? It is very easy. Here the explanation:

How to cook` Gethuk Sokaraja`?

The ingredients : – Cassava about 1 kg

  • red sugar

  • flour

  • salt

  • little water

  • frying oil

The process : – First, Cassavas are pealed, and washed to be stewed

  • Next, they are pounded

  • After that, they are given red sugar, become dough

  • Then, the dough is drained to be mold and to be sliced

  • Later, prepare flour with little salt and little water.

  • Finally, the mold dough are fried with the flour.


What do you think, is it easy, is not it ? Please try to cook yourself to be served for your family. If you are professional, you can take this business. Hurry up.




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